Best Golf Balls 2021 – Reviews + Guide

Golf players are very much conscious about Golf balls, and they always look for golf balls which are durable and made with the best quality to make their game exceptional. Golf balls are best for full shots or the partial swings your scorecard depends on the Golf ball that you are using during the game. If you want to have the highest number on the scorecard, then you have to look for the right Golf ball. Along with the Golf ball, playing style and skills also play a vital role in making you the best player. Here I have compiled a list of 5 best golf balls which vary on the basis of their features and significance. I hope you will love reading these reviews. I hope you will love to go for the Golf ball from these best golf balls in 2021..

#1: Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen)

The AVX Golf balls are known for their high speed and low compression core technology. They have an innovative design which attracts the Golf players towards itself. When you are playing a game with AVX Golf ball, then you will feel exceptional softness that it covers a remarkable distance on the basis of its design and power.

The thermostat urethane cover results in premium scoring control and durability. The casing layer is made up of high flex which enables you to enhance its speed and also control the spins so that it covers a greater distance. This golf ball is made up of spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral centenary design that is aerodynamic in nature results in consistent flight throughout your shots. Overall, this is the near-perfect golf ball you can buy in 2021.


  • It is made with exceptional design making the penetrating flight.
  • Soft feel makes your game successful.
  • Iron spins are very low.
  • It gives you premium scoring control during the game.


  • Highly durable.
  • Spins off the greens.
  • Softer in appearance.
  • Low trajectory.
  • Goes straight along the way.


  • Does not all kinds of shots.
  • A bit expensive to buy

#2: TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls (One Dozen)

When it comes to choosing a right Golf Ball with the utmost quality, then TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls are always part of the discussion. These golf balls are professionally constructed with five layers that will help to perform well with every single club in your bag. The unique tri fast core system used in TP5X Golf Balls will include progressive compression, and it will enable maximum energy transfer so that ball can produce maximum speed. If you want to play golf like a pro and with maximum grip, then we will recommend you to consider TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls.


  • TRI Fast Core System for maximum energy transfer and compression.
  • Dual Spin Cover system for maximum interaction between the cover and club grooves.
  • You will undoubtedly notice a huge difference in your performance after switching to TaylorMade TP5C Golf Balls.


  • Produce impressive speed.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.


  • Cost is sometimes a big concern.

#3: Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Personalized Golf Balls

If you want to enjoy great ball feeling with maximum speed and accuracy with less experience, then you should try this amazing Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Personalized Golf Balls. The two-piece design of this ball will promise you a strong start along with its thin ionomer cover that is paired with a lower compression core to enable this ball ready for any course. It will personalize your ball with up to three lines of text while its modern round design will improve the trajectory readability.


  • Made with impressive two-piece construction.
  • Increased strength, resilience, and comfort.
  • Maximum limit of 17 characters on each line.
  • Engineered with the high-quality material.


  • More penetrating ball flight.
  • Increased ball velocity.
  • Ensures full comfort.


  • Print colors need some minor improvements.

#4: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, White

It is one of the most famous golf balls in the market since the 2000s because of its excellent feedback. If you want a magical spinning effect without even compromising on durability, then we will recommend you to try Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls. The Pro V1 model will give you a softer feeling along with long spinning effect as compared to other golf balls. If we talk about its performance, then there is no doubt that it delivers good distance shots with impressive ball speed and velocity.


  • Ensures long-distance shots with a consistent flight.
  • The spinning effect will last longer at a slow speed.
  • It gives a very soft feel.
  • Delivers you the performance you need.


  • Long Spin Game.
  • Increased speed.
  • Guaranteed performance.
  • Durable.


  • Price is a concern for those who waste lots of balls during the game.

#5: Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

Most of the experienced golf players still prefer Bridgestone e6 golf balls because of their never-ending quality and durability. The new Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Balls are best when it comes to performance in short games because these golf balls are made with the data that Bridgestone has concluded from millions of fittings and results. If you want to put your money on the right product, then my personal choice would be Bridgestone as it has some unique features that are rarely seen in any other golf balls.


  • Constructed with a three-piece Surlyn cover.
  • Mid compression for accuracy and increased ball speed.
  • Longer spin with low speed.
  • Ideal for long and straight shots.
  • Available in multiple colors.


  • Very Affordable.
  • Delta Dimpled Design.
  • Softer armor cover.
  • Straight soft-core.


  • Luckily this product doesn’t have any reported drawbacks.

#6: Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

These are other phenomenal Golf balls from the Titleist that are known due to their softest compression. With these balls, you get longer distance as they are a low game spin. Now your game performance will be extraordinary because there is an improved shot game for stopping power with these balls. The quality of these Golf balls is brilliant and they are very consistent during the game. Most of the professional golf players go for these balls as they are very long-lasting. The significance of these Golf balls is greater just because of the feature of low compression which definitely gives you flexible experience when you are playing your shots with this ball.


  • The main feature of these balls is that they are very soft as compared to other Golf balls.
  • These offer extensive distance through the spin which is another attractive feature.
  • For the stopping control there is superior short match feature in them.
  • The quality is unmatched with these balls.
  • The latest core is designed to give a lesser amount of spin.


  • These balls are very flexible to give the best game performance.
  • They are very reasonable to buy.
  • They are according to the distance explained by the manufacturers.
  • These golf balls are designed to give a low spin for longer distance.


  • Some of the players have issues with the spin of these balls.

#7: Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

These are the best golf balls from Callaway that are ideal for both the beginner as well as skilled players because they cover a long distance with improved speed. These golf balls have high energy Core with the help of which the players can have better shots in the game. These balls have a two-piece design which is perfect for those who know the game. With this ball, you will experience a higher trajectory. The hang-time and distance along with the increased speed are only possible because of HEX aerodynamics which reduces the drag in these balls. Talking about the extra-large high energy core of golf balls are truly compressible and the players will definitely experience more potential distance with them. So, if you are a beginner or a professional golf player and looking for a long-lasting golf ball for your game then you should go for the Callaway Warbird golf ball because it is right according to your need.


  • These Golf balls have a higher trajectory that is the striking feature in them.
  • These balls are designed with two-piece design.
  • The high energy core in these balls is to give fast speed.
  • The HEX aerodynamics feature in these balls reduces the air drag.


  • These balls are designed for players who want to have a high flight with improved speed.
  • The higher trajectory is the reason for extraordinary performance.
  • The high energy Core is easy to compress with fast speed on full shots.
  • These balls give the best performance on the ground.


  • The simplistic approach should have been improved.

#8: Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

These are other best quality golf balls for the players who want to have the best performance in every shot. These are basically three-piece golf balls. These are designed with the tour-caliber urethane cover. In these balls, you will experience lower compression. The design of these balls is perfect for the golfers who demand moderate swing speed. Talking about the core of these Golf balls then they are a combination of a soft feel with spin and control feature at the same time. For added green sidespin,these golf balls have an elastic coating on them. The drag is reduced because of its 338 Aerodynamic speed dimple pattern.


  • These balls with their three-piece design give the best performance.
  • The ball travels faster with a low compression score.
  • These Golf balls are very soft and you will experience best shots around the green.
  • The energetic gradient growth core in these golf balls give the players anextreme accuracy due to low compression.
  • These balls come with an outer urethane cover which is very durable and resistant to scratches.


  • These balls come with the three-piece design.
  • The spin control is achieved due to spin skin technology that increases the friction at the same time.
  • These Golf balls are very durable and soft.
  • The drag is reduced because of the 338 Aerodynamic Speed Dimple pattern.
  • These Golf balls are very affordable to buy.


  • These balls are designed only for the players with moderate swing speeds.

#9: Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls

This Golf ball from the Bridgestone golf is one of the best golf balls. The feature which attracts the golf players is added distance and forgiveness. The soft Slip Res cover formulation in golf balls give them added feel. You can have increased friction just because of its added spin control and also there is urethane cover with these balls. The dual-spin technology in golf balls gives extra distance and enhanced aerodynamics. The efficient ball trajectory in these golf balls reduces the drag. If you want to have the best kind of golf ball for the game then you must go for the Bridgestone golf tour ball. Having both the lower side spin and higher initial ball speed is difficult for the golfers but with the Bridgestone Golf ball, it is very easy for you. These balls give you the enhanced accuracy in every shot you play.


  • You can have more distance and forgiveness due to gradational compression Core.
  • The Dual Dimple technology in these Golf balls gives you extra distance and enhanced aerodynamics.
  • The seamless cover technology is the reason for the consistent flight of these balls.
  • The optimal energy transfer is due to the gravitational core of these balls.
  • These Golf balls are specifically designed for low-handicap golfers.


  • These balls are very durable and long-lasting.
  • With these balls, you will have more control over the green.
  • These balls give more spin and control around the green due to urethane cover.
  • These Golf balls are designed with the best quality material that gives an exceptional feel.


  • These balls are relatively expensive to buy.
  • The design of these golf balls is not liked by a number of golfers.

#10: TaylorMade V3 Speed Golf Balls

Choosing the right kind of golf ball is very difficult but now thanks to the TaylorMade V3 speed Golf ball. These best kind of golf balls comes with impressive features. These come with three-piece construction the more layers in these balls definitely give better performance. These come with high energy react core that maximizes the distance. You can have more iron distance and control just because of speed mantle technology.The soft-feel around the Greens is maintained due to soft ionomer cover. The best part of these golf balls is that they give you more control and less spin which makes your shots phenomenal. The V3 speed feels harder but with the help of an ionomeryou will have a softer feel.  Now let’s talk about the prominent features of this Golf ball.


  • The key feature of these Golf balls is three-layered Technology.
  • High Energy react core of these balls gives it a maximum distance.
  • These also come with a soft ionomer cover that is very useful around the greens.
  • The V3 speed covers an impressive distance.


  • These golf balls are designed with the best quality material.
  • These balls give super long shots.
  • You will experience low driver spin with these balls.
  • There is more balance in the control and spin in these balls.


  • These golf balls are very expensive to buy.

How to choose golf ball based on its make?

Want to hit 200 yards in a single shot? Or do you want to hit a precision curved shot just 70 yards away? It all depends on the golfer’s ability and the make of a golf ball. So what characteristics would make a ball fly longer, or spin faster, or fit for a precision shot? Read our guide below and make an informed decision.


It is the power center of the ball. It helps absorb and then release energy from club impact. Its make alters the speed, distance, spin, and trajectory.

1-piece balls don’t have a differentiating core and are made of a solid mass of surlyn. These are cheap ones, compressible and only good for informal/casual gaming. They have a limited range. We may recommend them as practice balls, but they are imperfect for use in a real game.

2-piece balls have high energy acrylate or resin core surrounded with surlyn. These are harder and travel longer distances.

3-piece balls have solid rubber or semi-solid material core surrounded by reinforced rubber and an outer covering. They provide significantly better spin performance.

The most important factor modified by the core is its compression. A compression rating is a measure of how much a ball will compress on being hit with the club head. A higher compression rating means harder ball and vice-versa. A compression rating greater than 100 is great for those golfers who can generate exceptional swing speeds to fly the ball more than 200 yards.

A low rating below 80 is particularly soft and has great spin control. These are a good choice for slow & precision swingers.
In our opinion, most average golfers would benefit best from 2/3 piece low compression ball.

Best Picks Of Low Compression Balls

  • Titleist Dt Trusoft Golf Balls
  • Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls
  • Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Outer cover

The ball is covered with plastic-like material which gives it extra durability. Outer can be of two types.

Surlyn-developed in 1960 its an ionomer resin with good hardness and durability. It is cheap and travels longer. However it is poor in spin, so could be a disadvantage for low handicappers. Overall it’s a good choice for beginners.

Urethane– it’s a softer material used in premium category balls. These give good impact feedback and have generous spin control. Its spinning capabilities give golfers the ability to manipulate trajectories and take precision shots & greater control in greens. Being soft effects negatively in its durability and is costlier. This is a very good choice for mid and pro-golfers.

Top Picks – Urethane Outer

  • Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
  • Mizuno Rb Tour Golf Balls
  • Volvik S4 Golf Balls

Dimpled surface

Dimples are small indentations on the surface of golf balls. These are not for decorations, rather there’s a scientific reason for its existence. Dimples help reduce drag, improve spin performance, increase the max height of travel, and travel longer.
Dimples were discovered accidentally. Players observed that used golf balls with multiple dents on them would travel farther and spin better than new shiny ones. So ball makers started creating patterns and dents by hand, eventually shifting to modern-day machine-made circular/hexagonal dimples.

To give an idea about how effective they are, here’s an example- consider two balls of same dimensions and weight- one smooth and other dimpled, if hit with the same club with the same force, angle, and direction, then the smooth ball will travel only half as far as dimpled one. That’s how effective dimples are. So we always recommend buying a dimpled golf ball for all levels of golfers.

Top Rated Dimpled Golf Balls

  • Taylormade Tp5x Golf Balls
  • Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls
  • Callaway 2021 Chrome Soft Golf Balls

How much do golf balls cost in 2021?

In today’s time, there are at least a dozen companies manufacturing golf balls. They vary both in quality and price.
Most companies have golf balls priced in value, premium, and tour categories. For most players, value and premium range balls would be the best choice. They vary in prices from $10 to $50 per dozen.

The price difference is typically due to the engineering process and design patent. Value golf balls usually have surlyn outer and 2-piece construction compared to urethane outer and 4-piece layers used in expensive tour balls.

When you enter a local pro shop, be clear about what kind of golf ball you want to buy, or else you will be confused by a multitude of choices. It is not always necessary to buy the most expensive tour balls since these are meant for tour plays. While they are definitely of better quality, it is an overkill to use those for a regular golf game at your local club! It requires a certain level of proficiency to appreciate the difference between tour ball and premium balls. So unless you are currently playing at that level, we rather recommend buying value/premium range balls.

How much difference do expensive balls make?

For professionals, there’s a huge difference between tour balls & value balls. But for the average golfer this “difference” may not equate to “being better”. Read below to know why.

Part of the reason expensive balls are that pricey is because of the technology patent behind them. There are differences in the manufacturing process too. Value balls have surlyn outer which is cheaper than urethane material used in costly balls. Also, fewer steps are involved in manufacturing a 2-layered value ball in comparison to multiple steps in making a 4-piece premium ball.

Expensive balls function differently too. There’s a visible distinction in the distance traveled by a 2-piece value ball in contrast to a multi-layered one. It’s worth the higher price only if you can hit it that far beyond 200 yards.
Another difference in an expensive ball is the amount and control of spin produced. They help pros in taking shots that bend from the right-to-left side. Golfers can also control the exact distance traveled by imparting spin to a straight shot & altering its trajectory.
If you aren’t expert enough in taking these kinds of shots, then it would be a waste of such an expensive ball. Hence we recommend getting a $10-20 ball will be perfect enough for the average golfer.


We hope you have finally made your final decision to buy the best golf balls from any of these products featured above. We always try our best to share some of the best and high-quality products with you according to our personal experience with them along with their unbiased reviews. We will recommend you to visit the Amazon product pages of these golf balls and check the review section carefully; we are quite sure you won’t be disappointed.

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