Best Golf Shafts – Best Buyers Guide and Reviews

Shaft is the most important part of a golf club because it makes an impact on the overall result of your game. The selection of proper shaft for beginners may not be easy because they lack to understand the essential factors which could help them out. Since there are too many choices available in the market so the players get confused which one to choose.

Before selecting a golf shaft you must look at the factors such as swing speed, tempo and release point. If the shaft is too stiff then you cannot give your best performance. The material of the shaft also makes an impact on your game so choose what best suits you. Here in this guide, I would like to give you detailed review about the best golf shafts 2020 and this list is based on the users experience and they are budget friendly as well. Take a look at the list given below.

#1. Aldila Rogue Black 60 Graphite Wood Shaft S-Flex

The Aldila Rogue Black Wood Shaft gives you a smooth feel and stability to your overall play. This shaft feels livelier and improves your overall game performance. The wood shaft looks great in black color and gives you a shiny feel. One thing I like about this shaft is the low spin and at the same time maintaining a reasonable launch angle. Performance wise it is stable and you don’t need to hold it harder to hit a perfect shot. This product is made up of 100 percent good quality material so you don’t need to worry about the quality.


  • An excellent looking shaft which doesn’tdisappoints you.
  • It gives amazing Performance for beginners and pro players.


  • Not much information about the product is provided.

#2. Aldila VS Proto 60 Stiff Shaft

If you want a graphite shaft that can be assembled manually then you should definitely go for this option because it can be easily installed with TaylorMade drivers such as M1, M2,M3,M4 and other R15 models. You can make use of the shaft just after opening the box because it is cut according the manufacturer’s standard driver length so just order this one and enjoy perfect golf experience. This shaft uses the micro Laminate technology and you can drive consistent shots. Those who want to increase their driving performance should choose this one because it is a low torque shaft which is easy to go with the flow. You can have many swing styles with its mid launch angles.


  • It is a perfect shaft for different swing types.
  • It gives you excellent driving performance.


  • The price is on the high range.

#3. Project X Rifle 5.0 Steel iron shaft

Rifle project X5.0 is one of the best looking iron shafts which provide regular flex and it can be the right choice for you. The specialty of this iron shaft is that it consists of a set of eight iron shafts whichare37.5-41 inches long so making it the best for taller golfers. Those who want a regular flex should go for it because it tends to provide a low swing speed with a low ball spin rate and flight. If you are used to the stiff iron shaft then this may be the desired product for you. When it comes to the quality of material then you must know that it is made up of pure stainless steel which gives it a solid feel and it is more durable than wooden shaft. Another good thing about this product is that it is inexpensive as compared to big brand names. Those golfers who are looking for a suitable option in a very tight budget should choose this one as it is made for the beginners. Before purchasing this shaft makes sure that the iron head of your gold club should be compatible with it.


  • The Project X Rifle5.0 is very much affordable and cheaper option for beginners.
  • It is perfect for taller golfers.
  • It provides regular stiffness and helps you with spin and low ball flight.


  • As this product is designed for the beginners, so the pro-players may not find it attractive.

#4. Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 Driver Shaft

If you are looking for a next generation golf driver with NexGen Micro Laminate Technology then you must go for it because it is made up of thin high performance carbon fibers which gives it extra layers and enhanced consistency with best shots. It has become the number one selling golf shaft is the market right after its release and it is suitable for both professionals and beginners. If you have just started playing golf and you are in search of a perfect shaft that not only improves your performance and consistency then this one is for you.


  • This NexGen shaft gives you a better feel.
  • It is made up of thin carbon fibers with extra layers.


  • It is quite expensive as compared to other products with similar features.

#5. Alpha Platinum Unbreakable Graphite Shaft

The Alpha Platinum unbreakable graphite shaft is one of the best golf shafts with life time guarantee and durability. The key features of this product are 41 inches raw length with 0.370 parallel tip. It provides mid launch with extra style. Although it is made up of unbreakable material of platinum but the only weakness is that the materials which make it light weight are easy to break. This golf shaft is the best choice for those players who are experts in their game.


  • It gives you solid performance with unmatchable consistency.
  • This product comes with a life time guarantee.


  • The only drawback is its price which is a bit on the high range.


In every golf course, a shaft has its own importance because the overall performance of the player truly depends on his best shots. The higher the quality of the shaft is, the more enhanced your overall performance would be. I hope that you must have made up your mind by going through the reviews of best golf shafts given here. These products are the ultimate choice of beginners and senior players as well.

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