Golf, history and golf facts

History of golf

This game had its first mentions in China. However, the modern form of this game (full 18 hole version) started in Scotland 1400s. It was not so well unknown until 19th century when this game infiltrated into United Kingdom and then to America.Term golf means “club” and it was so termed because golf was a means of social engagement and daytime clubbing.

What is golf played with?

To play golf one needs two types of equipment at the minimum. One is a golf club, and the other is a golf ball. There goes a lot of science behind making these types of equipment. Hence they are a bit pricey. Let’s see one by one.

Golf clubs

Each golfer can be accompanied by 1 to 14 different golf pieces. It consists of a shaft with hand grip on one end, and a heavy club-head at one end. They are each meant for different purposes, such as long-distance hit, to short-distance precession hit. These clubs may be numbered which indicates the angle of the clubhead. The lower number corresponds to a low angle meant for a long-distance hit at a low trajectory. The higher number refers to a higher angle which translates to low travel but with a higher trajectory.

There are mainly 3 types of clubs.

Woods- these clubs have large heavy heads meant for hard-hitting the ball with the longest travel distance. Those with the lowest number(also called drivers) have a very low angle and can hit the ball very far.

Irons: Irons have a flatter head made out of metal. They are specialized for a medium range of flight with better accuracy and golfer control. They are considered the all-rounder clubs.

Putters: These clubs have the flattest head and are used only while the ball is near to its hole so that it can be directed with the finest accuracy. A good putter is a necessity for scoring higher in the game!

Golf balls: If we consider the scientific evolution in golfing, then a golf ball will have the most sophisticated development. It has evolved from gutties made of tree juices to today’s synthetic carbon fiber ones with compressed core and dimpled surface. A balls’ make determines its flight characteristics. A hard ball travels faster and longer but with less accuracy, whereas a softer ball travels short but provides grossly more accuracy and controlled spin.

Some other equipment:

In addition to the above, the golfer will also need a golf bag to carry these accessories.

Golf tees– are pinned holders for golf balls used to raise the ball up which results in a cleaner shot off the teeing area.

Golf shoes– have special spikes under soles for better grip-enhancing full swing action of the golfer’s body.

Gloves are worn in the non-dominant hand which allows better grip without having to squeeze too hard.

Towel-though not equipment, but it’s helpful to clean balls, club heads, etc.

Rules of golf

There are too many rules, both official and unofficial. This space is too limited to even give a gist. Follow this link at USGA to know the rules of golf.


Some well-known tournaments are:

  • The four majors
  • The US open
  • The Open
  • The Masters
  • PGA Championship
  • Barclays
  • The Travelers
  • Ryder Club

Top 5 popular golfers

There are several players who helped popularize the golf concept. In today’s worth, this game is the most rewarding one financially. A few of those who helped achieve this state are:

  • Bubba Watson
  • Rickie Fowler
  • Rory McIlroy
  • David Duval
  • Ernie Els


In terms of no of courses, Florida comes first and is aptly called the golf capital of the world. It has around 1400 golf courses. In terms of audience popularity, Ireland comes first followed by the UK, Canada, and the USA.

How golfers earn money

Pro golfers can earn money from several routes.

  • Playing tournaments- there’s winning money and also participation money
  • Showing up in golfing TV events like Skins game.
  • Doing endorsements- usually, advertisements can fetch more money than actual games!
  • Participating in corporate-sponsored events -usually held on weekdays
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