10 players who made a mark in the history of golf

Golf is a game that might not suit everyone because, on the surface, it looks like a simple game but is a very had game due to all of the mechanics and techniques present within the game. There are different types of clubs/irons that are used for different kinds of shots. Some have mastered this sport by creating their own unique style of hitting golf balls with special clubs. There are a lot of players in the world who excel at this sport and below are the top 10 players of Golf:

Tiger Woods:

There is not a famous player in the history of Golf than tiger woods. He is the best player to reach the number 1 spot in golf rankings. He has won all of the titles and championships that are present in Golf. His first professional win was in the year 1996, but the year that people started recognizing his achievements was 1997 Masters.

He has held the number 1 spot ten times, which is truly incredible. You can say all you want about Tiger Woods, but he is definitely THE player in Golf, and his legacy will continue to motivate new players in getting better at the sport.

Steve Ballesteros:

Steve was playing Golf professionally at the age of 16. He is famous for getting out of impossible situations, and one of his most memorable shots is the birdie on the parking lot in the British Open Championship. He had a unique style of playing, and there are many players who take inspiration & practice his playing style.

Steve is known as Europe’s most accomplished player as he won most of the tours. He is one of the most creative players in the world, and his creativity was most visible in short games. He is genuinely one of the best players in Golf.

Nick Faldo:

Nick came at the number 1 spot on various occasions. He is one of the most recognized Ryder Cup contestants in which he won 25 points. During his reign, his competitors seemed to have a knack for collapsing. He is one of the best Englishman players in Golf. He also has various green jackets under his belt.

He doesn’t have as many wins as other people, but he has won six majors, and they alone are plenty enough to give him a spot in the top 10 players. His highest record is 98 weeks staying at the top position.

Greg Norman:

He is one of the most tragic champions in the history of Golf. Greg is more famous for losing major championships than for winning it. He competed at four majors but only succeeded in winning the British Open title in 1986. He has reached the top spot at an astounding 11 times. He was at the number 1 spot from the year 1986 to 1998.

He has been given the nickname “The Shark,” and he will always be remembered as one of the best golf drivers of all time and also for the most embarrassing losses. He has held the top position for 331 weeks in a row.

Ernie Els:

Ernie is probably the second most tragic player after Greg Norman. His swings are still remembered as one of the best in golf history. His 55 victories are a clear sign that he is one of the best golf players. He won every year from the year 1994 to 2008. He also won Rookie of the Year title when he won against Colin Montgomerie in US Open in 1994.

He is also present in World Golf Hall of Fame, which shows that he is considered among the best players in the world. He also has a huge fan following and his record weeks at number 1 are nine.

Bernhard Langer:

Bernhard, while having won only two majors, is regarded as one of the best golf strikers of all time. When the World Golf Ranking was created, he was the first person to hold the ranking for a consecutive three weeks. His whole career is like a story, and he made a considerable name for himself. His ball-striking is also famous in Golf.

He was an outstanding player and won almost every year from the ’80s to 2002. He extremely remarkable at the sport as his matches weren’t close, and he had a head start from the beginning. He is still remembered as one of the best golf players of all time.

Vijay Singh:

He is remembered as the workaholic of the golf tour and is considered one of the best players to ever existed. He first rose to fame after winning in the year 1997 and then again in 1998. 2004 was the best year for Singh as he won 9 titles. He also managed to snatch the number spot from Tiger Woods, and he also did it a second time in 2005.

He is still playing despite the age, showing no signs of stopping or even slowing down. He deserves to be in the best players from all of the hard work and time he has given to the sport.

Nick Price:

Nick is remembered as one of the most dominant players to have ever played Golf. He ruled supreme in the mid-’90s. He won player of the Year titles in two years consecutively. If we take a look at one of the best all-around players, then Nick Price definitely deserves to in the list of best golf players. He has also won three Majors, and his total wins on a PGA Tour is 14.

Fred Couples:

He had a great career in Golf at Houston University and then turned professional in the year 1982. He is also one of the more dominant players in the game and has been Player of the Year two times. After he won the Nestle Open in 1992, he came at the number 1 spot. He had held the top place for a total of 15 weeks, but after that, his golf career started going backward.

Ian Woosnam:

Ian is one of the best European golf players and was dominant from the ’80s and ’90s. His total winnings from the European Tour are 15. Ian is also quite famous for his two-shot penalty, which occurred in the British Open in 2001. He is considered one of the best golf players of all time.

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