The most memorable tournaments in golf

Tournaments are an essential part of golf. At their very core, they provide a way for each player to compete with his fellow contestants to see who is the best player around. It gives everyone a sense of competition and thrill. In a tournament, you have to practice a lot & place every shot correctly. Tournaments are the best way to show your skills to the world and name a name for yourself.

As golf is played by men, women, and also older people, the tournaments are also divided into three types of championships.

  • Men’s Major Golf Championships
  • Women’s Major Golf Championships
  • Senior Major Golf Championships

Men’s Major Golf Championships

There are a total of 4 tournaments that are prestigious to every professional golfer. All of these tournaments represent the best players of golf.

  • Masters Tournament
  • PGA Championship
  • U.S. Open
  • The Open Championship

The Masters Tournament was initiated by Bobby Jones in association with Clifford Roberts. Bobby Jones was a former amateur champion. The Masters was first played in the year 1934, and this is one of the official money events of most of the Golf Tours. In this tournament, the number of players is less when compared to others because it is an invitational event and is yearly held by Augusta National Golf Club.

The PGA Championship is also a money event held by the Professional Golf Association of America. As with all of the major tournaments, you are winning PGA Championship can help in improving your career drastically. If you have the PGA Championship, then you get the privilege of invitations to all of the other majors. If you become the champion, you will get a five-year membership on PGA Tour.

The United States Open Championship is the annual golf tournament held in the United States. Best of the best compete in this tournament to reach the top. This is an official event in European and PGA tours. In U.S. Open, the golf courses are set up in a way that makes it difficult for a player to score. There is a premium reward if you drive accurately in this tournament. The reward in the U.S. Open is the largest in all of the majors at a staggering $12.5 million.

The Open is the oldest golf tournament present as it was originated in 1860. It is definitely one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. Initially, the tournament was held in Scotland but then later was rotated between several clubs in the United Kingdom. If you take a chronological look at the tournaments, then the Open is the final tournament of the year. This is open for all of the players of the world amateurs and professionals. But most professional players play this tournament while amateurs have to make their way into the tournament either by qualification or invitation.

Women’s Major Golf Championships

Women are also into playing golf and so much so that they have their own majors tournaments. The LPGA Tour calls the tournaments as Majors in women golf.

  • ANA Inspiration
  • U.S. Women’s Open
  • Women’s PGA Championship
  • The Evian Championship
  • Women’s British Open

ANA inspiration is one of the major golf tournaments for women and is also known Kraft Nabisco Championship. It is held yearly in California at the Mission Hills Country Club. This is the only tournament that is not broadcasted on the weekends. This is the richest women’s event with a big price reward and is also prestigious among women golfers.

U.S. Women’s Open started in 1946 and was recognized as a major in 1950. This event has the highest purse for any golf event for women. This is only considered a major in-country, but globally, it is not seen as a major championship.

Women’s PGA Championship was first held in 1955, but it has been considered a major tournament by the Ladies European Tour. This tour also doesn’t recognize the three other majors played in the U.S. This is one of the most prestigious events for women golfers.

The Evian Championship is a recent tournament founded in 1994 and is one of the highest rewarding events in women’s golf. The Evian Championship has a purse of $3.85 million, which is the second-highest for any women event. But in 2019, the purse was again increased to a mind-boggling $4.1 million.

Women’s British Open is the major tournament in professional women golf. It is recognized by all of the associations as a major tournament in women golf. The 2019 champion of this tournament is Hinako Shibuno. This tournament was founded in the year 1976 and was started as an equivalent to the Open Championship.

Senior Major Golf Championships

Golf is played by all people regardless of gender and age. The Seniors are the people who are aged 50 or above. In the United States, the leading tour is the Champions Tour, which was started in 1980. This is the first Senior PGA Tour. Senior golf tournaments can change from one round to another as the performance can be quite between two rounds.

  • The Tradition
  • Senior PGA Championship
  • U.S. Senior Open
  • Senior Players Championship
  • The Senior Open Championship

The Tradition is one of the five majors of the senior category. It was first held in 1989. It is recognized by the PGA as a senior major golf championship, but the European Tour doesn’t consider it a major championship.

The Senior PGA Championship is the oldest of all the major tournaments. It is recognized by the European Tour and the PGA as a senior major golf championship. At first, this was not a money event, but in the year 2007, it was changed to an official money event.

The U.S. Senior Open is considered a major event by PGA and European Tour. The age limit in this tournament is 50. This event can be played by amateurs also, but only professional players have dominated this tournament so far.

The Senior Players Championship was founded in 1983 and is one of the majors for senior players. The minimum age limit for this tournament is 50. If you are able to win this championship, then you gain entry to the Players Championship.

The Senior Open Championship is run by the R&A and is a major golf tournament for seniors. The tournament initially started in 1987.

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